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     No task is too difficult for this agency, whose efficiency is showcased in every project they undertake.
Kevin Earls17/05/2024
     I am continually impressed by the reliability and quality of work from this cleaning company. Their cleaner is always friendly, timely, and leaves my place looking fantastic.
Paul Foreman16/04/2024
     These cleaners in London deserve all the praise for their exceptional work! The level of detail and frequent updates left me amazed.
     Online booking was effortless, with plenty of slots available at a reasonable price point. The cleaner went above and beyond to help us and made our stay even more enjoyable.
Henry M.11/03/2024
     I couldn't be happier with the amazing transformation of our apartment after the efficient and detail-oriented team of cleaners completed our end of tenancy cleaning.
     These skilled workers did an amazing job at delivering detailed deep cleans on two properties, making them look spotless and also tackling unanticipated tasks expertly.
S. Basterfield11/02/2024
     With their expertise in deep cleaning, the efficient team transformed the cleanliness levels of two properties and also completed additional tasks with great attention to detail.
Audrina W.11/02/2024
     Affordable pricing for top-quality cleaning services.
E. Smith22/01/2024
     My experience at Leaves Green Carpet Cleaning left me feeling elated. Communication was a breeze and the staff members were all so inviting.
Macy Hargreaves18/12/2023
     The cleaner was incredible! Such an excellent cleaner and a delightful person to have around the house. We would be thrilled to have her come back whenever she can.
Jane Taylor13/11/2023
     My house got a thorough clean-up thanks to the hard working cleaners; I'm highly satisfied with the final product, plus it was very reasonably priced!
Lolita Herbert25/10/2023
     When we tried out Leaves Green Carpet Cleaning Company's services for office cleaning, we were left amazed at what a great job they had done. Setting up a regular schedule was no problem, as their quality of work has never wavered since then!
Neil Lucas15/05/2023
     Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services Leaves Green was beneficial - their cleaners were awesome! Each one was full of energy and did not stop until the job was done, giving me the desired results in the end.
Damien L.02/05/2023
     We can't fault the cleaners from Carpet Cleaner Leaves Green; in fact, there's nothing but praise for them! Their responsiveness was top notch; they were super helpful, quick and left our house perfectly clean upon departure each time we hired them for the job!
     I hired Leaves Green Carpet Cleaning the other week and I've never known a domestic cleaning service like it! They cleaned everything thoroughly and didn't cut corners. It was a very professional service, definitely worth the price, if not more.
Colin F19/05/2020
     My mom swears by this service! They're the only company she uses for rug cleaning because they always do a phenomenal job!
Crissy Hargis20/09/2019
     I hired Carpet Cleaning Services Leaves Green to help with a one off cleaning after I put my back out, and now I have them come round every two weeks because they did such a good job, and the price was so reasonable and totally worth it.
Petir G.28/11/2018
      Carpet Cleaning Services Leaves Green were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It was a straightforward cleaning service with minimum fuss, completed to an exceptional standard.
Cameron A.09/10/2018
      Carpet Cleaner Leaves Green provided the best carpet cleaning I have ever seen. Their team were able to wash away all of the stains on my floors. They vacuumed them thoroughly, used steam cleaning and more. I was left with carpets cleaner than the day I got them. I have never been so impressed with a service and so I have to write this review and let everyone know about them.
Matilda Lee31/07/2015
     My sister recently had a baby and she has been so exhausted that she has barely been able to do anything. I didn't believe her when she said that hiring a cleaner helped, so I decided to check out Carpet Cleaning Services Leaves for myself. Wow! What a difference they made. I am so impressed. Made my life so much easier.
     Very happy with everything, thanks LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners. I don't think it's really any surprise to come on here and see that so many people are waxing lyrical about their abilities. We've all seen what they can do. For me, I've tried a few different cleaning companies in the past, so the contrast in standards and efficiency is something which really does stand out. Must say that I have passed on their details to a lot of my friends and they're all equally as delighted.
Tammy H.07/01/2015
     I had just joined a skills training course in the mornings and was working as an apprentice in the evenings, leaving me with very little time to tend to my house. When you have kids and pets, your house tends to get dirty more quickly. I gave LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners a call and explained my situation to them. They offered really good and affordable prices for their service and so I hired them. They did a wonderful job of cleaning my house and making it clean and smell fresh. I was so impressed that now I hire them weekly.
Margaret Liam04/12/2014
     Since I have been using LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners to do my cleaning, I feel like my time is my own again. I have more time to pursue my hobbies and spending more time out with my friends. I arrange to have my cleaning done whilst I am out and I love coming back to a clean house. I can't imagine having to go back to doing the cleaning myself, I don't know how I would find the time. I think the cost for the cleaning is competitive and I would recommend them to anyone. It's like having your very own cleaning fairy! Thank you!
Samantha J.14/11/2014
     It was coming up to the end of the university year, and our house was certainly looking like it had been through a lot. We knew that if we didn't sort out the main problems, we wouldn't be eligible for our deposit, which was minimal, but when you're a student, every little helps! That's where LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners came in! They saved the day for us, giving our house the clean of its life. The best thing about this company wasn't just the service and the skills that these cleaners offered us, but also how student friendly the whole thing was in terms of costs. Definitely worth the small sum we invested!
Jack and Sam04/09/2014
     When I first phoned up LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners I thought I should mention the fact I have a couple of dogs and a cat in my house because it can mean that there are hairs everywhere no matter how hard I try to clean the house myself. Anyway, the receptionist or call agent person, whatever they're called, couldn't have been more helpful and the cleaners have done a truly remarkable job in my home getting it clean and has allowed me to get on with other things I have to do. I can't see how anyone wouldn't benefit from having their own cleaner from these guys like I do. The prices are so affordable with this company and in my experience the cleaners (I've had two different ones) are wonderful.
Harmony W.13/08/2014
     My kids get along so well with my new cleaner. She's very friendly and always knows what she's doing and I'm not sure how she does it but she always manages to entertain the kids while getting her job done at the same time without any difficulty. My best friend hired a cleaner from LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners and told me about it straight away. He told me to hire a cleaner too because of how amazed he was at the state of his house. Honestly, It's been one of the best things that's happened to my home.
Owen G.16/07/2014
     I dreaded cleaning my house every week because I knew that I could be having fun doing other things instead. I decided that I wouldn't waste my time cleaning and instead get someone else to do it. The cleaner LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners sends to me each week leaves my house looking great, with all mess, clutter and dust gone by the time they are finished. They do all of my vacuuming, washing up, dusting and more, so I don't have to do a thing. I'm really impressed with what they do so I know I'll be hiring them for a long time to come.
Joanna May20/06/2014
     The only cleaner I have ever hired in my life is a window cleaner, I did use an upholstery cleaner the once but that was when they first come into business and I was not impressed with it so never bothered again, however times have changed lots of my friends are hiring cleaners for all sorts of reasons now and I could see what a difference it made to their lives so I decided to hire one too and I found LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners who are utterly fantastic, I could not ask for anything better, they always come on time and are always reliable, helpful and friendly. I actually look forward to them coming.
     I really am very pleased with LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners. I hire a domestic cleaner to get my home looking clean and sanitary as I just don't have the time with my busy job. Not only did they impress me enough to hire their services on a regular basis, but I've even managed to convince my mum to hire a cleaner from them as well! I love to come home to a clean house, and this company make sure that's always possible without me having to worry. I have so much more free time and I couldn't be more impressed with the level and quality of service that I get!
     Having a great cleaning company really is a breath of fresh air. LeavesGreenCarpetCleaners made light work of my domestic cleaning, and really did show how easily it can all be done if you are focused and experience, which I certainly am not! In this case, the team were so impressive that I will be having them back to clean every Wednesday. Lovely people to have in the house, and very determined to give a good clean, which is what I like to see!
Catherine Robinson07/01/2014